The Benefits of Chewing

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Why do dentists recommend chewing Extra® after eating and drinking?

Plaque is a soft, sticky substance made up of bacteria, which forms on everyone's teeth, building up near the gums and between teeth. When you have something sugary or starchy to eat or drink, the bacteria in plaque produce plaque acids. This acid, combined with acids from your food and drink, makes the pH level in your mouth drop to dangerously low levels. Fortunately, your body has the answer: saliva!

Saliva is the body's own natural tooth protection. It works in 3 ways:

  • Restores the pH balance in your mouth, neutralising acids
  • Helps to wash away small bits of food that may have lodged in your teeth and gums
  • The minerals in saliva are the same minerals that are in teeth, and so it can help to remineralise any spots on teeth that have been attacked by acid

And did you know that Chewing Extra® sugarfree gum has been proven to stimulate saliva by 10 times! So that's why Dentists recommend chewing Extra® sugarfree gum after eating and drinking.